NSC Nanotechnology students gain valuable experience in a variety of nanotechnology fields through their internships. In addition, students develop professional contacts with nanotechnology researchers and industry members. Both NSC Nanotechnology Associate's Degree and Certificate program students are required to take two quarters of internship. In the past, students have secured both paid and unpaid internship opportunities.



Scope of Internship

Internships are between one and two academic quarters (10-22 weeks) and a minimum of twelve hours per week in the last year of their nanotechnology program of study. Interns complete a work log documenting their hours and activities in addition to setting learning goals for the term of the internship. Interns often work at a University of Washington cleanroom or a company lab facility. Beginning in 2013, the NSC Nanotechnology lab is also available as a site for interns hosted by industry.


Where have NSC Nanotechnology students interned?

Since 2010, NSC Nanotechnology students have interned at multiple UW Bioengineering labs, RJC Enterprises, Intertox, MicroVision, UW Nanotechnology User Facility (NTUF), Washington Nanofabrication Facility (WNF), the Institute for Systems Biology, liloTree, and Lab/Cor Materials, in addition to other companies and organizations.


What is the process for finding an internship?

Current NSC Nanotechnology students who have taken NANO 101 should register to attend the Nanotechnology Internship Orientation meeting the quarter before the anticipated start of an internship. Beginning in Fall 2013, attending an internship orientation meeting will be required for all nanotechnology students prior to securing an internship. The next internship orientation will be in January, 2014 for students intending to start an internship in spring or summer quarter 2014.

In addition, students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the SHINE Employment & Internship Specialist to develop an internship search plan and discuss the internship process.


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