Nanotechnology 101

Seattle Times picInterested in learning more about nanotechnology? Considering whether the nanotechnology program suits your interests and career plans? Looking for an exciting NSC elective? Take NANO 101 and experience science at the nanoscale! Offered in most fall and spring quarters, NANO 101 covers major topics in nanotechnology with labs on nanoscience principles. 

Prerequisite: Math 097

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Interested in a free, online overview of nanotechnology concepts?

Enroll in North Seattle College's Concepts in Nanotechnology course! Free, online and not for credit. The class will run from January 27, 2014 to March 10, 2014. NSC nanotechnology instructor Peter Kazarinoff will provide an introduction to nanotechnology and cover some current applications of nanotechnology. The course will be taught at the pre-college level (no college level chemistry, math or physics experience required). In addition, no prerequisite knowledge of nanotechnology or materials science is required.

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