Epilog Zing16 Laser Cutter


A laser cutter is used to cut thin sheets of plastic, wood, rubber, cardboard and paper.

Most laser cutters can also raster engrave a pattern on the surface of a sample.

Simple CO2 lasers are not powerful enough to cut through metals, glass, or ceramics.  



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Manufacturer: Epilog

Model: Zing16

Instrument Type: Laser Cutter

Description: A high powered laser cuts or engraves a sample.  Laser cutter can be used to make labels or cut out flat prototypes.

Key Features: 30 Watt CO2 laser and cutting table.  Vector cutting of acrylic up to 1/4 inch thick. Raster engraving mode. Equipped with HEPA filter unit and compressed air unit.

Material Restrictions: Samples must be flat. Cutting stage is 16 in x 12 in.  Sample materials include acrylic, cardboard, paper, wood, and rubber. Will engrave anodized aluminum. Will not cut metals or ceramics. Halogenated plastics such as PVC are not allowed.


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